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The smartest way to smash your goals

A performance management app that pinpoints and tracks your goals while giving you visual feedback on progress to motivate you to SMASH your goals. Take it a step further and connect with one of our virtual mentors to help support your progress, hold you accountable and celebrate your SMASHES!
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Measure It

Elevate your performance by pinpointing the behaviors you need to address to make significant progress on your goals.

Move It

Gain access to real-time visual feedback and progress reports so you can adjust your behaviors towards reaching your goals.

Smash It

Your virtual mentor will help hold you accountable and coach you along your journey of SMASHING your goals and boosting your performance.

Who are we

How it works

Behavioral Technology

SMASH MY GOAL uses state of the art behavioral technology to elevate your performance. We'll walk you through pinpointing the behaviors you need to address to make significant progress on your goals.

Real-Time Progress

Your SMASH MY GOAL dashboard will show you real-time visual data and feedback so you can see the progress you're making. Along with push notifications to hold you accountable, visual feedback will motivate you to continue to move the needle until you SMASH your goal.

How it works
Measure Goals. Track Behaviors.
Boost Performance.

"the smartest performance management system for businesses and corporations alike"

Health & Fitness
Sports & Coaching
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We look forward to supporting your ability to easily measure it, move it, and SMASH it!

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